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APH Fic This is Who I Am chapter 1

Title: This is Who I Am
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): FemGermania, Rome
Rating: …T? Might rise in the future.
Warnings: None for now I think.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Germania has been hiding a secret for as long as anyone could remember. The secret? Hidden underneath his armor is the body of a girl. FemGermania.

Germania rolled his eyes at Rome’s antics and resisted the urge to pick up his sword and ram it into Rome’s head once more.

Although it was looking more and more inviting by the minute.

Thankfully they had reached the place to camp for the night and a few feet away the glorious sound of a waterfall was roaring meaning that they would be able to bathe tonight.

Germania started to walk towards the waterfall. He stopped suddenly and looked over his shoulder.

There standing one foot away with a smile on his face was Rome.

Germania’s eyes narrowed and started to walk towards the waterfall once more. He stopped again and looked behind him once more.

And lo and behold there was Rome following him.

“What?” Rome asked smiling brightly.

In response Germania merely narrowed his eyes. He knew what.

Rome pouted slightly. “Oh come on Germania. We never bathe together. Please?”

Germania shook his head.

Rome struck out his bottom lip. “Pretty please Germania.”

This time Germania’s upper lip curled over his teeth in a soundless snarl. Rome held his hands up. “Fine, fine.”

Nodding Germania turned and finally came to the waterfall. He stood at the corner of the body of water for a moment and just stared as the water fell into it before stripping off his armor.

He left it fall from his hands to the ground gently before entering the water. He closed his eyes at the cooling and relief the water momentarily gave to him.

Germania stretched his arms out slightly and sighed as the water brushed lightly against his skin.

Well…not all of his skin.

Germania looked to his chest where the leather bands were security tied into his skin and pushing back the access skin.

In other words they were pressing against his breasts to make as if they weren’t even there when he wore clothing or armor.

It had been years since he…she…had last taken the bands off. The leather had cut into his skin many times causing scarring and eventually her skin started to grow over the leather slightly.

It was not comfortable by any means whatsoever.

She always wore cloth around her lower thighs efficiently covering the true gender of her body from prying eyes. Not that anyone had ever seen it, not even Rome who had so persisted in bedding her.

Germania sighed and leaned back into the water and allowed herself to float there for a moment and her mind to wander. There was no threat of an attack tonight. She didn’t need to be on guard completely.

Germania closed her eyes and allowed the water to support her body freely. Her hair swam in the water gliding through it and feeling soft against the brushing of her skin. It was the only true outward sign of her being a female, having long hair.

She opened her eyes and stood up in the water. The level was so low it barely reached her waist and just covered the cloth around her thighs. She stretched slightly when she heard a gasp behind her.

Whirling around and creating small waves in the water her eyes widened when she saw Rome standing there looking at her.

She quickly looked down and to her horror she realized that he could exactly tell what she was hiding and see right through the wrappings.

She fought the instinct to duck into the water and instead stood tall and stared at Rome coldly.

“I thought it was clear that I had no desire for you to join me.” she said a lower tone of voice that she had been using for years.

Rome closed his open mouth, from her point of view he seemed to be blushing, and looked to the side. “I kinda wanted to convince you otherwise…but now I‘m not really sure.”

Rome looked at her again and took a hesitant step forward into the water.

Germania’s eyes narrowed as he came closer.

She didn’t move as he reached out and lightly brushed his fingers on top of the straps, above her breasts.

“Those look like they hurt.” he said quietly as he ran his thumb over the top one.

Germania shrugged; it was something that she was used to.

Rome’s eyes met hers. “Why didn’t you tell me?” he whispered.

Germania didn’t break eye contact “This is not something for you to know nor is it important.”

“Not important? Germania all this time I thought you were a guy!” Rome said.

“That was the point.” she grunted and turned away from him.

She sat a few feet away on a rock and pulled out a knife from her armor. She threw a glance at Rome. “Why are you still here?”

Rome didn’t answer but he did walk forward and sat next to her.

“That’s not your real voice is it?” he asked.

Germania hesitated before shaking her head.

“Can I hear your real voice?” he asked hopefully.

Germania’s eyes narrowed before she sighed inwardly, if it would get him off her back.

“Rome is a complete idiot at some times which drive me nearly to the point of insanity.” she said in her old alto voice instead of the tenor voice that she had been using to disguise herself as a man.

Rome’s eyes brightened at hearing it not even caring that she had just insulted him. “Say something else.”

“I am not someone who will do something at a moment’s command.” she hissed.

Rome started before turning his gaze to the knife in her hands. “What exactly are you going to do with that?”

She ran the knife through her fingers feeling the smooth metal. “Since you already know I guess it doesn’t matter if I hide it from you. I am going to take these straps off; I have new ones in my bag.”

Rome’s eyes glanced over the straps again. “That’s going to hurt.”

Germania shrugged before bringing the knife up and pressing it against her chest where the strap was under the skin. She closed her eyes at she ripped it open, however not in pain but a certain sick relief. She has experienced pain so many times in her life it has almost become a source of comfort for her.

Rome watched silently as she pulled the straps off, making cuts where they were needed, and not emitting a sound.

His hand came up suddenly and stopped her from finishing.

“Please stop this.” he said quietly. “I don’t want to watch you hurting yourself.”

Germania raised an eyebrow. “You are the one forcing yourself to watch this. And I am not hurting myself.”

“You’re running a knife through your skin.”

Germania shrugged and continued until the straps were free enough to pull them off her body entirely.

Before she uncovered them she glared at Rome.

“What?” he asked.

“Turn around.” she ordered.

He opened his mouth to argue but stopped when she gave him a cold look. He immediately turned his body around so his back was facing her.

She kept watching him as she pulled the leather pieces off her body and slid down into the water so that it covered the fresh skin and meat that she had revealed.

She winched inwardly as the water stung through the wounds and hit the naked meat that was usually hidden by the leather.

When she sensed eyes on her she turned and saw Rome watching her once more.

She pulled the leather towards her again and used it to cover her breasts as she stood from the water once more.

“What?” she asked.

“Nothing.” Rome answered.

She turned and started to walk towards her discarded armor when she felt an arm go around her waist and pushed her until Rome’s body was against her back.

“What do you want Rome?” she asked.

Rome didn’t answer but allowed his fingers to dance across her thigh and run his fingers over the edge of the cloth. She tensed slightly as his hand curled around the inside of her thigh dangerously close to an area she did not want him to touch.

Grinding her teeth Germania reached forward slightly and elbowed Rome below the stomach as hard as she was able to in her position.

It worked, Rome let go of her waist and fell to the ground clutching between his legs where Germania had elbowed.

“I never gave you permission to touch me like that Rome.” Germania said before putting on her armor and leaving Rome where he knelt on the ground.
Rome glared at her across the fire occasionally winching as he shifted his legs.

Germania calmly poked the fire higher and ignored his glares.

“That was mean Germania.” he sniffed.

Germania rolled her eyes. “You sound less and less like a warrior each time you talk like that or pout.” she said.

Rome gave a short laugh. “I doubt anyone would underestimate me Germania!”

Germania gave an aggravated sigh before pulling her old leather bands and throwing them into the fire. The two personifications watched as the fire ate through the leather before it cracked and started to break and a retched smell started to fill the air.

Rome looked at her silently for a moment before saying “So…you’re a girl.”

“Your observation skills astound me Rome.” she said sarcastically.

Rome ignored the sarcastic remark. “Why didn’t you ever tell me?”

“It is not information for anyone to know.”

“Even me?” he asked quietly.

‘Especially you.’ Germania thought.

She sighed and leaned back slightly. “Why are you bothering even talking about this? This doesn’t change anything.”

“This changes everything!” Rome exclaimed.

He stood up and stared to pace around the fire much to the Germans inner amusement.

“I always thought you were a guy! I wasn’t afraid of telling you things I can’t tell a girl!” he ranted. Germania sighed and tried to relax, whenever Rome got into one of his rant modes he could go on for hours.

“Do you realize how much I‘m going to have to clean my act up? What I can no longer do?” he asked.

Germania gave him a blank look.

“Okay, but do you know-”

Blank look.

“Okay, okay! But-”

Blank. Look.

Rome pouted once more. “Alright I get it.” and sat back down on his side of the fire.

He looked up at Germania once more. “Why didn’t you tell me?” he repeated.

Germania rolled her eyes. “I’m not going into this again.”

Rome looked angry now. “Germania I trust you in everything I have ever done. I tell you everything. I even trust you enough to ensure when I turn my back to you, you will protect me instead of stabbing me. Even though you have all the chances you could ask for.” he said.

Germania raised an eyebrow. This was the first time she had seen Rome get so angry.

“Rome calm down.” she said.

He opened his mouth to say something but decided not to when Germania shot him a cold look. He still grumbled to himself as he looked to the skies.
They would get to Rome’s house in less than a day she reasoned as they walked through the forest.

As much as she loved being outdoors and in the open. The soft grass and the open skies the weather was changing rather fast to winter and snow and ice would cover the land. During those times she preferred to be inside a warm house or hut with a warm and somewhat soft bed hopefully.

And since they were both going to Rome’s house both the warm house and the soft bed would be provided.

She was now a little bit more apprehensive with sleeping a few feet away from the roman since his finding out of her true gender. He had been rather obsessed with bedding her when he thought she was a male but now that she was a girl he hadn’t tried anything for now but she felt that it was merely a matter of time before he tried something.

Not that she would let him any closer to her body like that than what she had allowed when he thought her to be a man.

She ignored the tightening of her chest at the mention of those words in her thoughts.
Tags: aph, au, fanfic, genderbended, germania, rome

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