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APH Fic This is Who I Am chapter 2

Title: This is Who I Am
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): FemGermania, Rome
Rating: …T? Might rise in the future.
Warnings: None for now I think.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Germania has been hiding a secret for as long as anyone could remember. The secret? Hidden underneath his armor is the body of a girl. FemGermania.

Germania sighed slightly aggravated. Rome had not stopped glancing at her since last night and it was starting to get rapidly get annoying.

“Either you stop doing that or you tell me what you are thinking.” she finally snapped at him.

“I just can’t get it around my mind that you’re really a girl.” he said. “You act so much like a guy.”

Germania rolled her eyes. “That was the point Rome.”

“No I mean really like a guy.” Rome insisted.

Germania closed her eyes and took a deep breathe. “Like I said. That was the point Rome.”

“No I mean-”


The two walked in silence after that thankfully and continued their journey.

A rustling in the trees however brought Germania and Rome to a stop and one hand on their sword handles.

“That was probably just some deer or something.” Rome said. However he didn’t take his hand off his sword.

Germania didn’t answer, green eyes staring around them trying to perceive where the sound was coming from.

There was a moment of silence before bodies flew from the forest with their swords withdrawn and attacked them.

Germania blocked a hit before taking her sheath and using that to block the opponent’s sword to free her blade. From the corner of her eye she saw Rome twirl around with his blade and cutting down his opponent, his cape wrapping around him as if it was dancing alongside with him.

She wasn’t sure if they were part of an opposing nation or simply humans that wished to rob them. Either way it didn’t matter, they had bared their fangs at the two of them and they had no choice but to strike back.

She brought her sword forward and smiled inwardly as she dealt a strike at the human. This was a wonderful way to relax.

Something from the side caused her to turn her head. Her eyes widened when she saw a human holding an axe and charging at an oblivious Rome.

Instinct took over as she pushed her own opponent out of the way to the ground and jumped in front of Rome’s attacker with her sword lifted up and ready.

She wasn’t fast enough. The man brought his axe forward and…

The next thing she was aware of was the feel of metal in her body, she ignored it; it wasn’t important, and brought her sword forward and through the man.

Then she felt the wetness.

Frowning she looked down and in a surprise saw the mans axe in her chest diagonally going down.

The pain then shot to her brain causing her to gasp slightly.

She saw Rome’s surprised look and saw him jump to her.

Her vision was starting to go dark as she fell to her knees, the sounds around her started to dim slightly.

“Germania!” Rome yelled. She could barely hear his voice.

Germania closed her eyes as the darkness won and she started to fall to the ground.
The first thing Germania realized upon awakening was that they were on the move again.

The second was that she was being carried.

The third was the sound across her body was still slightly bleeding and hadn’t healed.

The fourth tied in with the second. She was being carried in Rome’s arms.

The fifth and the last was that Rome’s beloved cape was wrapped around her aching body.

Seeing that she was awake Rome’s worried gaze her hers.

“Put me down.” she ordered.

Rome stopped walking and sat on the ground but didn’t let her go.

“Are you okay?” he asked concerned.

Germania’s eyes narrowed. “I said put me down. I refuse to be carried like a-”

“Like a female?” Rome finished quietly.

“Exactly.” Germania said.

“Germania” he said gently. “You are a girl.”

She bit back a snarl. “You have not known for years and you treated me no different than any other man you knew. Nothing has changed with me. I am still the same.” she hissed.

Rome didn’t say anything however his eyes softened and his hand came up to cup her face.

Germania willed herself to stay still and keep her unmoving gaze locked with Rome’s as his head bent towards her.

She kept her breathing steady as his lips ghosted over hers; she felt his other hand that was on her back rise up to her neck and into her hair.

“Germania.” he breathed.

Suddenly she found herself on her back against the forest floor with Rome pressing his body onto hers enough for her to fell him but not enough to aggravate the wound.

“Maybe the reason for that” he said gliding his lips over her neck. “Is because no one has made you a woman yet.”

Germania’s eyes widened fractionally and she tried to move. In response Rome pressed her down harder.

“Relax.” Rome whispered.

Germania grinded her teeth together. Gathering the remaining strength in her aching body she threw him to the side. The action cost her however when whatever healing her body had done tore open and deeper.

She bit back a cry and curled an arm around the wound which now crossed from her chest and diagonally to her hip.


Looking up she saw Rome going to her. Sliding her dagger out from her side she held it up warningly.

“Stay back Rome.”

Rome stopped and lifted his hands up with his palms facing her.

“I won’t try anything.” he promised.

“Bullshit.” she grunted.

“I swear Germania. Trust me.” Rome said.

Against her better judgment Germania slowly lowered the dagger, her eyes never leaving Rome’s face.

“Try anything against my will again Rome.” she warned jerking the dagger to the side. “And you don’t want to know what I‘ll do to you.”

Rome nodded before reached his hand to her wound. He peeled his cape that was still around her away gently and unhooked her armor. Germania closed her eyes as she let his hands glide gently over the wound, carefully not touching her breasts.

“I‘m no doctor.” he said. “We should get you back home where a real doctor can look over this wound and help.”

Germania nodded before struggling to her feet. When Rome took a step forward towards her she shot him a glare. He hesitated before nodding and stepping back.

She took a staggering step forward and grinded her teeth together in an effort to not make a sound from the pain. She couldn’t help however when her legs gave out on her and she fell to her knees with her arm curled around the wound.

She started slightly as she felt a warm hand on her back. Turning her head she saw Rome staring at her.

She glared at him for a moment before he said “I know you think its weak or something like that but you have to see the facts. You can barely walk a single step let alone the remaining distance to our home.”

Before she even realized it he had picked her up in his arms and began to carry her once more.

She struggled slightly in his arms. “Let me go!”

In response he held onto her tighter. “Please Germania see sense.”

Germania stopped struggling, although that was more due to blood loss and her quickly starting to lose her conscious once more.

She leaned against Rome’s chest slightly and closed her eyes as his body heat somewhat relaxed her. She sighed.

She gave a half-glance to his face and almost smiled at the seriousness that was on him.

She was going to regret this later but at the moment she couldn’t bring herself to care.

“Rome.” she said quietly.

Rome looked down at her almost surprised. Without saying anything she tugged on the top of his armor to bring his head down and pressed her lips to his.

Rome seemingly gasped before pressing back harder and closing his eyes.

After a moment Germania parted the kiss and her head fell to his shoulder as she fell into the darkness.
Rome leaned impatiently against the wall in the hallway as his personal doctor was in the room and taking care of an unconscious Germania.

He tapped his fingers against his arm and sighed heavily. He wasn’t that concerned about the wound if anything, they were nations after all and they couldn’t die like that, but he was more concerned about Germania’s real gender being found out. Something that was obviously a great deal to keep a secret from the rest of the world.

And truthfully he was able to understand why she would go to such lengths to keep it hidden. Women weren’t offered that much of freedom or choices in this world. They were restricted and bound to their husbands, more like cattle if anything. Yes there were movements in his empire where women were having more say and rights but the ways of how it has been were more favored by most of the people and it seemed that it would return to that soon.

And if Germania was found out to be a woman she would be stripped of her armor and sword and instead placed in a dress. She would be forbidden from leaving the castle grounds and entered the forest she loves so dear. Her own lands would be forbidden to her and she would be forced into a life she despised and would more than likely bring her own sword to her own throat before settling down in that.

Rome was brought out of his thoughts by hearing the door opening and the doctor leaving Germania’s room.

Rome stepped forward and asked “How is he?” remembered to call Germania by the male terms.

The doctor gave Rome a dubious look. The wound stretched from her breast to her hip and it was obvious the doctor saw what Germania had hidden.

“How is she?” Rome corrected himself.

“She is fine at the moment. Since you and her are not like the ordinary man or woman I suppose if we simply leave her to be her body will heal itself and it will replenish its own blood. It’ll leave a scar that’s all I can say at the moment.” the doctor said. “You need to change the bandages every day however and clean the wound so that it does not get infected.”

Rome nodded and then hesitated. The doctor seeing this added “I will not tell anyone of her true gender. You and your kind are different and I suppose you have your own reasons for doing such things.”

Rome nodded again relived that he wouldn’t have to explain things and perhaps accidentally get Germania in some short of trouble that she would never forgive him for.

“She is unconscious at the moment and I suppose she’ll be unconscious for a while. Just let her rest.” the doctor said before leaving Rome alone.

Rome almost immediately opened the door to the room and upon entering it closed the door behind him.

As his eyes adjusted to the darkness he saw the figure of Germania on the bed. He crossed the room and sat down next to her on the bed merely watching her breathe in and out.

His hand came up to his lips. Before she had passed out she had kissed him. While moments before that he had tried to convince her to have sex with him and she threatened him. Had that been her or the blood loss?

He leaned down towards her face slowly. She was unconscious. She would never know.

His lips were mere centimeters away from hers.

Rome closed his eyes and brought his head up to her forehead where he laid his kiss.

He sat up straight once more and took her hand in his.

She would never know if he did but he would. And an honorable gentleman never did anything to an unconscious lady.

Even if that lady was more like a man and could easily kick his ass in the next few centuries he thought to himself.

Rome smiled and entwined his fingers with hers.
Tags: aph, fanfic, genderbended, germania, rome

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