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APH Fic Awake

Title: Awake
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): FemGermany, Prussia, Germania, other have small parts
Rating: T
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: "I'm sorry. But the chances that she'll come out is very slim." "How slim?""About two percent that she will wake up." "But not zero?" "Well no. It's not zero. But-" "As long as it is not zero there is still a chance."

“I‘m sorry. But the chances that she‘ll come out is very slim.”

“How slim?”

“About two percent that she will wake up.”

“But not zero?”

“Well no. It’s not zero. But-”

“As long as it is not zero there is still a chance.”
Germany blearily opened her eyes.

Her brother Prussia glanced at her. “Good morning sleeping beauty.”


“Yeah. How you feeling?”

Germany attempted to sit up only to fall back into the bed. “I feel like crap.”

“Not surprised. That was some war.” Prussia said leaning back in the bed watching his younger sister.

Germany sighed. “I‘m sorry. I failed you.”

“How the hell did you fail me? You kinda impressed me that you’re still alive really.”

Germany looked at her brother wearily. “What happens now?”

“Now? I can finally take you out from that bastards wings. He’s gone so there’s no one stopping me.” Prussia said.

“What do you mean he’s gone?” Germany demanded.

Prussia’s eyes rolled. “The Holy Roman Empire is dissolved kid. He’s gone.”


“Leaders decided to. The war with France took a lot out of him. In the end like most empires have and will he fell.” Prussia said nonchantly.

Germany stared at her older brother. She knew him well enough to see the hidden sadness in his eyes. Prussia then shook his head and the sadness cleared.

“Anyway that’s the past now! Now I will raise you to become the awesome country that he was holding back!” Prussia exclaimed.

Germany finally sat up in her bed. She stared at her hands noting the still healing burns on them.

“What happened to my hands?”

“The castle was going up in smoke. Nearly choked from all the smoke in there rescuing you.”

Germany smiled.

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it. You’re my little sister; I have to look after you.”
“You’re my little sister. I can never leave your side.”

“The doctors said that you might never come back.”

“I don’t believe that. You’re too stubborn.”

“As of today you are now known as the German Confederation.” Prussia declared.

Germany looked up at her brother. He gazed back at her proudly. She stood from her previous position of kneeling in front of him and squared her shoulders back.

She watched as her new king took his oath and pledge. Her hand found her brothers and she squeezed tightly. He squeezed back comfortingly and reassuringly.

“I‘m proud of you little sister.” he whispered to her.

Germany smiled.

“Thank you brother.”
“The last thing I said to her was that I hope you die.”

“If those are my last words to her I don’t think I can ever forgive myself. Ever.”
Germany crossed the forest carefully. She drew comfort from her familiar and heavy pack of supplies on her back and the thin stick in her hands.

She stopped for a moment and looked around the area carefully.

“How strange.” she said out loud to herself. “I easily crossed the border with just this stick.”

She stroked the thin wood for a moment between her fingers before continuing forward.

“This has to be some kind of a joke.” she continued to say out loud if only to calm her suddenly highly risen nerves. “This is the first time I‘ve crossed a border in war and still have time to eat some wurst.”

Her hand came up to her long hair which she had put into a high and tight ponytail and carefully clipped together so not to have any stray hairs get in her eyes. Her hands were covered in fingerless gloves leaving them free to feel her environment with her hands.

She twirled the ends of her hair between her fingers, a habit she hasn’t been able to break since she was a child, in thought.

She continued forward slowly her eyes alert and ready. “Even when I see an enemy they just run away. Is this a dream?”

“This is the land of Italy. The descendent of the mighty Roman Empire. This has to be some sort of a trap to get my guard down.” she continued.

Her eyes narrowed. “My brother raised me to be ready for anything. Personification of Italy, do your worst.”

She stopped suddenly when she saw something ahead. Her hand started to go towards the gun at her side as she stealthily came forward. She relaxed when she saw it, confusion clear on her features.

“A…tomato box?”

She walked up to it, cocking her head to the side. “What in the world is a tomato box doing out here in the middle of a forest?” she asked rhetorically.

She raised her stick to its side and knocked it on the side.


“…‘uwahh’?” she repeated confused. She knocked it again.

“Hi there!” a voice exclaimed from inside the box. “I’m a tomato fairy and I want to be your friend!”

Germany felt a sweat drop go down her neck. How stupid did the person in there believe her to be?

Without saying another word she immediately dug her fingers into the top of the crate and attempted to pry it open.

“No wait! There’s no one in here! Don’t open it!” the voice called out again.

Germany gritted her teeth as she dug her nails deeper into the wood. “Come on out, who ever you are.” she said as she finally pried it open.

Immediately a boy popped out of the box wearing a blue military uniform. She couldn’t see the color of his eyes, they were closed, but he had reddish-brown hair. He then immediately started to beg with his hands in front of him.

“Uwahh! I‘m sorry! I‘m sorry! I‘m not a tomato box fairy! Please don’t shoot me! I‘m still a virgin! Please! I have relatives in your country!” he said.

Germany looked at the boy in front of her incredulously.

This was Italy?
“It’s been two months sir. You need to understand that-”

“Is it zero now?”


“Then there is still a chance.”
Germany clenched her hands into fists as she listened to the so called allies speak of her crimes and punishment.

“You will pay reparations to France for the damages.” England listed.

“Neither you nor your allies will be able to have alliances. The Austro-Hungarian Empire will be demolished into Austria and Hungary once more.”

“Your military will be down-sized to what we will decide on an appropriate degree.”

“You will take complete blame for starting and the damages of the war.”

England ignored the sudden cries from Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Prussia.

“You can’t do that!” Hungary cried.

“Those demands are completely outrageous!” Germany cried.

England looked at them stonily.

“To the victor goes the spoils.” he said smirking.

No one noticed America shaking his head. Only Canada who was sitting next to him heard him say,

“This is wrong. This is too much. If they do this, there’s no telling what her people will do for revenge.”

Germany met the eyes of both England and France. Her own eyes was filled with a promise.

A promise for revenge.
“You think she’s dreaming about something?”

“Who knows. She tell us when she comes back.”

“Well knowing her. It’s probably something unimaginative.”
“I can get you out of this.” he promised.

Germany spared him a glance over her shoulder before turning back to the clock she was making.

“I have heard that countless times.” she said. “Unfortunately I no longer believe in that.”

“So you believe we will never get out of this depression?”

“I didn’t say that.” she sighed. She lifted the finished clock on the shelf and took the boards and needs for a new clock.

The man stared at her silently. “You would degrade yourself to this? To be a slave to another nation? To another country that is so obviously beneath you?”

She froze for a moment before her hands now placed the boards in a sadly familiar way. “I do hate this. But things are necessary for better things and times to arrive.”

The man reached out and took her hands in his. He pried the hammer and nails out of her hands and gently closed them.

“You deserve so much better than this.” he murmured. “This kind of work is beneath you. You the more superior one of them all.”

Germany didn’t pull away from the man; she simply stared down at their entwined hands. “What would you have me do? We are bound by the Treaty of Versailles.”

“Forget the Treaty of Versailles.” he said gently. “There are loopholes. Those barbaric countries are still torn and hurt. They will not enforce those laws. We will find ways to get around them. All I need is for you to trust me.”

Blue eyes met brown. One of his hands came up and stroked her face and hair before saying “The purest race. Blonde hair, blue eyes. The superior race, resigning yourself to something like this.”

He gathered her in his arms. She allowed herself to be hugged ignoring the emotions and feelings rising inside of her that came from the contact with a human when they touched a personification.

“What do you want?” he whispered.

“I want…honor. I want the honor of our country to be restored.” she finally said. “I want us to leave this depression behind. I want for my people to be strong. I want my people to no longer have to worry about their next meal. If they are going to survive to the next day.”

She closed her eyes. “But most of all. I want revenge.”

“I can give you that.” he whispered to her. “I can give you that and more. Everything that you and your people. Everything our people deserve. All I need is your help. Your support. I can give you the world. Just trust me.”

She finally looked up and locked eyes with him. “What is your name?” she finally asked.

The man smiled. “My name is Adolf Hitler. And I am your servant my wonderful motherland.”
“Six months now sir.”

“You don’t have to tell me. I‘ve been counting each and every day.”

“Your insurance will not pay for more than another month.”

“Then I will pay. I refuse to give up.”
This was the end. The end of what seemed to be the most horrible war in the history of wars.

‘’Finally.’ Germany thought wearily. This war had been going on for far too long.

When America had entered the war she had almost cried with relief. He would be sure to help end the war. She herself had gone to him personally with plans her boss and his comrades had planned on doing and places invading. She herself had given America what he needed to help end the war once and for all.

The allies were getting closer; she felt her lands be invaded. From England and French sides it was rough however America was gentler than the other two, three if she counted Russia.

When she had gone to America and had given him the plans he had told her something that helped alleviate some of the pain.

He didn’t blame her. He didn’t blame her at all for this war and the actions. He of all personifications knew what it was like to not have a choice to go against their boss.

She had almost cried in his arms when he said that.

However she was strong. At least back then she still had semblance of who she had been.

Now? Now she was just tired. Tired of it all and wishing for it to end.

She had done her part; she smiled slightly as her hands caressed the gun lying on her lap. She was sitting on the floor with her back pressed against the wall.

In front of her was the dead body of her now ex-boss Hitler and his wife Eva.

On her lap was the still smoking gun that had merely moments ago had shot two bullets.

The front of her body and uniform was covered in blood.

The blood of the two dead bodies in front of her.

She hummed her old national anthem. The one that Hitler had changed into something else. The one her brother had helped her make.

The allies were getting closer.

The end of the war was finally coming.
“It’s been ten months dad. When will she come back?”

“I don’t know.”

“She…she will come back, right?”

“…I hope so son. I hope so.”
“The state of Prussia is to be dissolved.”

“Your land will be separated into four parts of occupation.”

“Russia will have control of your eastern land and what used to be your brother.”

“You are to have no contact with your allies.”

“Stop worrying about your brother. You should worry about yourself.”
“Come back to us. Please come back to us.”

“It’s been eleven months. Please.”
Germany walked through the streets. Her streets though it didn’t feel like that anymore. This was the side that America occupied.

American occupied German land.

The sky began to darken. The clouds gathered and thunder and the smell of rain filled the air.

A wall. It wasn’t enough for her brother to be in Russia’s house but he had to create a wall to emphasize the separation and the dissolution even more.

She had barely been able to save him by giving him a part of her land before the occupation. He was now East Germany.

And unfortunately East Germany belonged to Russia. Or rather the Soviet Union now.

She trotted along the streets as the sky finally gave way to the rain. It was immediately a pouring rain that soaked her through her clothes.

This was all too much. Everything. She couldn’t take it anymore.

She missed her brother. She missed Feliciano. She missed Elizaveta. She missed Roderich. She missed Kiku.

But most of all she missed being free, free to make her own choices and go where she wished and do what she wished.

Even now she felt the eyes of France, England, and America watching her and what she was doing. In her own house her every action was questioned. She couldn’t move without permission from one of them.

She was tired. So very tired. All she wanted to do was rest.

She fell to her knees. She ignored the water and the mud and dirt soaking into her pants. She slumped forward until her hands were on the ground supporting her. She finally screamed.

She screamed and screamed. She let out her frustrations. Her anger. Her fear. Her sadness. Her hurt. Her everything.

She screamed to the heavens who were so readily weeping alongside with her. She felt water go down her face. Rain or tears she didn’t know.

It didn’t matter either way.

She screamed until her voice was hoarse and she couldn’t choke out a single sound. She screamed until she felt her throat burning and her vocal cords starting to tear slightly.

She dug her fingers into the ground. Dirt and mud went underneath her fingernails and dirtying her hands and arms.

She choked. She coughed into the ground until her airways were clear again.

She leaned back on her knees with her head tilted to the heavens as the rain soaked her clothes, face, and hair.

What was there left? If she returned home all there was there constant observations on her every action. Suspicion. Anger. Hatred. She no longer had her brother by her side, something she had been able to count upon her entire life.

She had no one by her side anymore.

She was alone.

‘It would’ve been better.’ she thought. ‘If I had been a human instead of a personification.’

Everything went black.
Alvar sighed as he paced the room again. He had done it so many times that he had memorized how many steps were in any direction. Twenty-three across from the doorway to the windowsill. Twenty-five the other way. He sighed before looking at the bed.

His little girl. His darling and only little girl. In a coma for the past year.

All because of a drunk driver.

He felt his hands go into fists, if the police had allowed him to deal with the drunkard who was responsible for the condition his little girl was in he would make sure that the man never did a single action without thinking it over four times.

Alvar only had two children. His eldest son Gilbert. His youngest daughter Louise.

Unfortunately it was times like this that brought to the light that he should’ve spent much more time with his children.

He took his seat next to her bed and took her hand in his once more. He stroked the back of her hand gently.

It has been a year since she had been awake. A year since the crash. An entire year that he and his son and his best friend and his sons have spent in this hospital hoping for her to wake up.

If Alvar had been a man who believed in a higher power he would have joined Romulus and his sons Feliciano and Lovino in their prayers as his son had done.

A sudden movement caught his attention.

Alvar immediately looked at his daughter. He could have sworn he had felt something.

There is was again. Her hand was weakly squeezing his own.

He watched incredulously, unable to move, as after an entire year in slumber his little girl opened her beautiful blue eyes and slowly sat up in the bed.

She looked to where he sat.

“F…father?” she whispered almost in disbelief.

For the first time since his wife had passed sixteen years ago Alvar felt tears rolling down his face in a thin line as he embraced his daughter.

His daughter was awake.
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