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APH Fic Awake chapter 2

Title: Awake
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): FemGermany, Prussia, Germania, America, Japan, other have small parts
Rating: T
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: "I'm sorry. But the chances that she'll come out is very slim." "How slim?""About two percent that she will wake up." "But not zero?" "Well no. It's not zero. But-" "As long as it is not zero there is still a chance."

There was a sound in the hallway.

Louise looked up from the textbook on her lap confused. It sounded like someone running through the hallway.

A figure appeared in the open door of her hospital room breathing heavily and bent over.

Louise slid her legs to the side of the bed and started to get off the bed.

“Can I help you?” she asked uncertain.

The boy looked up. His red eyes connected with hers.

This was…Gilbert. Her brother.

“Louise.” he whispered.

Suddenly in a blur of motion Gilbert had ran from his place at the door, jumped at her, and the both of them fell back onto the bed.

“Oh g-d. Louise!” he cried hugging her.

Hesitantly she brought her hands up and embraced her brother.

“What’s gotten into you?” she asked.

Gilbert looked up at her with tears in his eyes. “Your back! I knew you would be back but…I also thought…” he choose not to continue and simply buried his face into her shoulder. “But your back now. And I‘m really happy.”

Louise smiled. “Yeah I‘m back. You can stop worrying now.”
“She has a small case of amnesia.” the doctor said.

Alvar frowned and crossed his arms. “It doesn’t seem that serious, she seems to know who we are.”

The doctor nodded. “It is different than other cases of amnesia. In other ones the memories are there but hidden. With her they are there but mixed. Am I correct in assuming that you were dreaming while you were unconscious?” he asked Louise.

She nodded. “An entire different world and time.”

“With the people you know now?”

She nodded again.

“Her memories are on her conscious mind however they are mixed with the real ones as well, that’s the source of her confusion and slower ability in remembering certain things.” the doctor continued. “Just give her some time to sort things out on her own. It wouldn’t hurt to look at photos or videos though.” he added.

Alvar nodded. “When can I take her out of here?”

“Let her stay for a few more days. She‘ll be let out on Saturday.”
“You’ve missed quite a bit of school.” Alvar said. “They do not blame you after all; this was something out of your control.”

Louise didn’t say anything; she simply stared at her hands that lay on top of her lap.

“You have one of two options.” he continued. “You can redo the tenth grade come September or you can attempt to do everything during the summer.”

Louise looked up at her father. “What do you think I should do?”

“Personally? I know you can do it during the summer. You are a bright girl and you don’t buckle under pressure. However the choice is up to you.”

“What subjects are there?”

“Global history, trigonometry, physics, English, and foreign language.” he recited. “You only have to take major exams for global history, trigonometry, physics and the foreign language. However I don’t think you need to study that much for the last one.”

‘Why?’ she wondered for a moment. Suddenly the memory came back to her. She had chosen German as her foreign language, the language she has been speaking next to English her entire life.

“I think I‘ll do everything during the summer.” she said.

Alvar almost smiled. “That’s my girl.”
There was nearly a hurricane of guests and visitors for her once they had heard that she had awoken.

Feliciano North Italy, Romano South Italy, Alfred America, Arthur England, Antonio Spain, Francis France, Matthew Canada and quite a few others. Her cousins Roderich Austria, Vash Switzerland, and Lili Liechtenstein came in. Her other cousins Berwald Sweden and Tino Finland came as well. Her brother’s girlfriend Elizaveta Hungary came in. Her godfather, father of Feliciano and Romano, and her father’s best friend Romulus Rome came in.

And one by one her memories started to reorder. The real ones came into light and she was able to reorganize her mind.

Occasionally she almost called someone by the name she called them in her dreams but she was always able to cover her tracks and not make anyone suspicious.

The day before she was finally to be released from the hospital her brother came.

“Hey. How you feeling?” he asked.

She looked up from the textbook she was reading, her father had talked to the school and they sent the textbooks she needed to learn the subjects, and smiled slightly. “I‘m feeling fine, what about you?”


They went back into silence where Louise looked back to the work n her lap.

“You called me East a couple day’s ago.” he said suddenly.

Looks like she hadn’t been as careful as she thought she had.

“I know…I‘m sorry.” she said.

“Don’t be sorry, it’s nothing that big.” he said. “But…why did you call me east?”

“It’s…kinda hard to explain.”

“Tell me when you can then.”

“Oh yeah! I almost forgot!” he said suddenly. “Your boyfriend is here to see you.”

“My…boyfriend?” she had a boyfriend? She quickly went through her memories, nothing told her of anything of a boyfriend.

“Yeah, your boyfriend. You guys just started to date when the accident happened.” he said. He opened the door to her room and called down the hallway. “Come in!”

Why couldn’t she remember who her boyfriend was?

And there entered Kiku Japan looking rather hesitant and unsure.

“Ki…ku?” she asked.

Kiku smiled and took a few more steps forward. He clasped his hands behind his back and said “Louise-Chan. I‘m…” he trialed off.

Suddenly he took the remaining steps forward and enveloped her in a hug.

“I‘m am so happy that your back.” he whispered.

Louise managed a smile. “I am too.”

Why couldn’t she remember anything about him?

Gilbert left the room she noticed. Probably to give them some alone time to talk.

Kiku sat up and took her hand in his. “I heard that you have amnesia.”

Louise nodded.

“Do you…do you remember me?” he asked hopefully.

Regretfully she shook her head.

Kiku managed a small smile. “That’s alright, I‘ll tell you.”

They had been friends first. Best friends actually for many years. Later they decided to try and date one another. If it felt right then they would continue. If it didn’t feel right then they would stop and remain friends. Nothing to lose, a little something to gain.

It felt right, more than right really.

So they officially became a couple one year and four months ago. Not that the year counted.

Kiku took a deep breath. “I…I understand that you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment.”

Overwhelmed? A little? She was completely overwhelmed.

And confused. Not to mention confused.
She was tired.

Today she was finally let out of the hospital. Her father and brother came to take her home.

She watched through the window as the city they lived in passed by. That dream. In her dream she was in about the 50s, most of the technology here if not all hadn’t been created yet.

She knew how to use them but she was hesitant. Her hands knew what to do but it took a few moments for her mind to go along with her hands.

Her hands. In her dream she had held knives, swords, bows and arrows, and most of all guns many times.

She also remembered each and everything from those dreams.

Something else she knew was that if she had been given a gun right now she would be able to take it apart then put it together along with the bullets in less that thirty seconds. A sword she would be able to use. She could throw knives with an assassin’s precision. She could launch an arrow from a bow as if she had done it her entire life.

She blinked in surprise. Her thoughts had clouded her so much that they had arrived at their house and she was now standing in…her room.

“We‘ll leave you alone for now.” her father said closing the door.

She shifted on one foot nervously. Her eyes glanced over the desk where a laptop was sitting and waiting for her. Books on the shelves next to trophies and medals for various spelling competitions, math, science fair, and a few that seemed to be from sports.

Walking closer she took a picture in her hands. It was a group…no a team picture. There were two different ones. The first was a swim team and the other was a soccer team.

She set the pictures down and glanced around the room once more. She opened the wardrobe. School uniforms, a single dress and a single skirt, shirts, pants, and sweat suits hang there.

Shoes, sneakers, one pair of heels, sandals were on the floor of the closet. Boxes carefully labeled were on the top shelf and on the bottom.

She closed the closet door and turned around in her room once more. On her desk was a picture. She picked it up.

A family picture. She and Gilbert only looked to be about five years old and were smiling at the camera. Their father stood behind them with his arm around a woman.

Her mother.

It was clear where their children got their looks from. Louise looked like her father entirely while Gilbert looked entirely like their mother, with his red eyes and white hair.

What happened to their mother?

And why couldn’t she remember?

Sighing Louise fell back into her bed. The sheets were soft and they smelled like they had recently been through the laundry.

There was a small toy on the side of the pillow.

She leaned on her elbows and reached over to the toy.

It was a small stuffed seal. She turned it over in her hands. It was extremely old. She lightly touched the black marble eyes before hugging it to her chest.

This…she remembered slightly. Ever since she was a little girl she had slept with this toy in her arms.

Who had given it to her?

“I know you don’t really like stuffed animals Louise.” a female’s voice said. “But this little guy has been in my family for generations. Mother to daughter. Can you keep the tradition going for me?”

“Mom.” Louise whispered.

She curled around the toy.

She closed her eyes.
“Germany! Germany!”

She opened her eyes.

Blue eyes behind glasses met hers.

“Germany! You’re awake!” the boy exclaimed.


Why was he here? And why was he calling her Germany?

Her entire body felt like it was made of lead. Her body was burning. There was a cool and wet cloth on her forehead.

“Where am I?” she asked hoarsely.

Alfred took the cloth off her forehead and ducked it into a bowl on water on her nightstand before placing it back on her forehead. She closed her eyes to relish the wet drops that fell down her face.

“You’re at your house Germany.” Alfred said.

“My house?” she asked.

Alfred nodded. “England, France, and I found you on the street unconscious. You of all people should know not to go out into a storm when you are sick.” he scolded lightly.

“England? France?”

Alfred frowned slightly. “Are…are you alright?”

“I…I don’t know.” she whispered.

She sat up in the bed. Alfred…America placed a hand on her back and chest and tried to push her back into the bed.

“You shouldn’t try to get up.” he said.

Germany pushed past him and ran into the bathroom that was connected to her bedroom. She quickly closed the door behind her and locked it.

“Germany! You’re still sick! You shouldn’t be up!” America called from behind the door.

Ignoring Germany stumbled to the mirror. She gripped the sink by the sides and looked up wearily at her reflection.

“Let me go back.” she whispered. “Let me go back. Let me go back. Let me go back. Let me go back.”

She closed her eyes fighting the sickness. A losing battle.

The door was kicked open as the darkness within her mind won and she started to fall to the tiled floor.
Red eyes met hers.

“Louise!” Gilbert gasped. He hugged her.

“What’s wrong?” she asked as she sat up.

“You’ve been asleep for hours.” Gilbert said letting her go. “I tried to wake you up but nothing I did worked. I was about to run and get father.”

“Gilbert.” Louise started to say. “I‘m sorry.”

“For what?”

“Nothing. I…I just felt the need to apologize.”

Her eyes found that picture on her desk once more.

“What happened to our mother?” she asked.

Gilbert looked down on her bed and played with the blanket on top of it.

“She was killed.” he said quietly. “The accident put you in a coma and killed her.”

Louise’s eyes widened. “Oh lord, I didn’t…I didn’t…”

Gilbert nodded. “Father was going to tell you but…I guess it’s still kinda hard for him to realize that she is gone.”

She glanced at the picture once more. “And…you’re my older brother right?”

“Yeah, why?”

She pointed at the picture. “Why do we look to be the same age?”

Gilbert blinked before hurt reflected in his eyes. “You…forgot that too?”

“Forgot what?”

“Louise…we‘re twins.”

Louise looked at him. “What?”

“Twins.” he repeated. “We‘re fraternal twins.”

“But…you said you were older.”

Gilbert nodded. “Yeah I am. By five minutes.”

Louise looked at him silently for a moment before falling back onto her bed.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yes I’m sure.”

Gilbert nodded uncertainly before getting off her bed. “Its time for dinner. Everything is ready.”

Louise nodded. “Thank you. I‘ll be down in a few minutes.”

Shooting her one more uncertain looked Gilbert left the room.

“I‘m sorry.” Louise whispered to the empty room.
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