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APH Fic Black Book chapter 1

Title: Black Book
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, Canada, OC!Mexico, England, Spain, France
Rating: T
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: When they were young America, Canada, and Mexico were tricked by shades using the forms of their guardians into signing the black book. The dark magic grew inside of them with time and now it is ready to take over their bodies completely.

The man smiled at the three children sleeping soundly in his handmade crib.

It had taken some time but if anything he had learned to be patient in all his years. And now it was paying off.

Well that and the fact that he looked like the man who had taken two of the three children under his wing.

The third one had been difficult to obtain. The man greeted him with suspicion in exhausted eyes. It had taken some persuasion, promises, and magic to allow him to obtain the girl for the day.

A day will be enough.

He glanced over the children. In contrast to popular belief he did love children. He would make an excellent father had the opportunity had arisen.

Unfortunately that day would never come so he would have to settle for this.

The New World. Or at least what was new to the countries in Europe. New resources and land upon land.

However only England recognized the magical potential in the land. And so did he.

However it was foreign to them and it would take time to analyze it and come to control it. Time that they didn’t have.

The children of the land however. They already knew the answers in them. In their souls and in their bones they knew it all and knew how to control it.

England saw to it that he controlled the middle child, the more powerful one. France controlled the upper child while Spain controlled the bottom child.

However through war England now controlled two children, top and middle. He however saw no reason for the third child and left it to Spain.

Fool. He didn’t recognize that each child was merely a third of power. When they were together it was all complete and strong.

He glanced at his accomplices. They had also taken the forms of the children’s guardians or in one of their cases his former guardian. It was easier to gain their trust that way.

He glanced outside. Once the sun set it would be time.

His eyes turned to his reflection in the window.

England’s face smiled back at him.
England sighed and leaned back in his chair.

He needed to finish his work quickly and finally return to the two children waiting at his house for him. His two new colonies.
Matthew and Alfred.

He smiled at the thought of them. Matthew was finally learning English. It had taken quite a few lessons and punishments however the boy was finally learning to put that part in the past where it belonged. And Alfred the overprotective brother who would constantly glare at him whenever he lost his temper at Matthew and yelled or punished him. When he sent Matthew to his bed with no dinner Alfred would always sneak him something. No dessert? Alfred would somehow get him some sort of candy or sweet. Spankings? Alfred would jump in front of him and demand that Arthur hit him instead of Matthew.

It was wonderful to see such loyalty from the boy.

Glancing at his work once more he decided to leave it until the next day. The children were more important than the review of some case.

He stepped outside to the fresh London air and started walking. A figure came out of the shadows towards him.

England groaned. It was France.

“Frog. What are you doing here?” he asked without breaking his stride.

France immediately walked beside him. “I want to see Matthew.”


“And why not?”

“Simple. I don’t want you around my son.”

“He was my son first England.”

“And then you lost him. I got him fair and square.”

France mumbled something under his breath before saying “Please England I am asking you as Francis not France. Let me see Matthew.”

Before England could retort another figure came jogging to them. It was Spain.

“Ah England. There you are.” he said coming to him with a small smile. “Listen I want to thank you. Having Maria off my back actually helped me a lot today. But I would like her back now.”

“What are you talking about?” England asked.

Spain’s smile dropped slightly before returning fully. “Very funny England. But you said you didn’t want her. She is mine if you remember correctly. Now please give her back to me.”

“Give who?”

“Maria. My daughter.”

“Your daughter? Mexico?”

The smile dropped then. “Yes England, Mexico. I want her back now.”

“Or did you take her like you did with me and Matthew?” France asked.

Throwing a dirty look at France England said “First off I just told you I got Matthew fair and square. You’re lucky I didn’t take more from you. And second Spain, I haven’t seen you in months let alone barrowed. He daughter.”

Spain’s eyes darkened and narrowed. He crossed his arms. “Listen England. You came to me this morning and offered to look after her while I did some things. I remember that clearly.”

“Well you’re obviously mistaken.”

“No, I‘m not England!” Spain yelled. “If it wasn’t you then it looked a hell a lot like someone like you.”

“That is preposterous there is no one…” England trailed off.

Spain and France looked at him. “England?”

England’s face paled. “No. No bloody way. Please lord in heaven no.”

Ignoring the other two he immediately set for his own home where hopefully the two boys would still be.
He smiled. Glancing at the other two he said softly “Its time.”

Taking their cue they each picked up their own bundle. The look-alike of Spain picked up the little girl. The look-alike of France picked up Matthew. He stepped forward and picked up Alfred.

They had plenty of time here. Here on the land of the middle child. Even if England realized something was wrong it would take some time for him to gather enough magic and power to transport himself here.

Not to mention the wards that were up to ensure it would take even more time for him to enter the house.

He gently shook the child. “Alfred. Time to get up.”

‘Spain’ and ‘France’ did the same from their corners of the room.

“Maria. Wake up dear.” ‘Spain’ said.

“Matthew, wake up. Its papa.” ‘France’ said.

Alfred scrunched his face slightly as he opened his eyes. He smiled in childish delight. “England. Your home.” he said before hugging the man. He returned the hug.

“Spain? About time.” Maria pouted slightly.

‘Spain’ laughed. “Sorry sweetie. It took some time.”

“Papa? You’re here.” Matthew exclaimed before eagerly hugging the man.

‘France’ laughed and returned the hug. “Oh yes. England says you have been a good boy. And since you’re so good he had allowed me to see you.”

The three men looked down at the children on their laps smiling before they said in unison,

“There’s something that I need you to do.”
England ran. He ran as if his life depended on it. He could hear France and Spain running behind him calling out to him but he ignored them. It was more important to get to his house.

He nearly ran into the door and pushed it to the ground. His maid, Sarah, looked up from her knitting in surprise.

“Mr. Kirkland? What’s wrong?” she asked running to him.

“Never mind me.” he snapped. “Where are Alfred and Matthew?”

“Sir, what are you talking about?” she asked confused.

Before he could snap something else at her she spoke again, this time her words nearly caused his heart to stop.

“You took the boys yourself this morning and said that you would be looking after them for today.”
“Do you see that little book over there?” ‘England’ asked pointing to the table.

The three children turned their heads towards the book and nodded.

“Well you three need to do us a little favor and sign it.” ‘France’ said.

“What is it?” Maria asked.

“Just a book.” ‘Spain’ said.

“All you have to do is sign your name in it.” ‘England’ said.

“Our human name or country name?” Alfred asked.


Maria looked down on the ground. “I can’t spell mine.”

“I‘ll help you.” ‘Spain’ said. “The important thing is that you write it yourself.”

“Well? What do you three say?” ‘England’ asked.

England was running around. He was waving that wand of his in circles and other shapes and muttering words under his breath while Spain and France watched and contemplated his sanity.

“England? Where the hell is Maria?” Spain demanded.


“What!?” Spain screamed. “Who kidnapped her?”

“My alter self most likely.”

“Who?” France asked.

England glanced at the other two. “You know I deal with magic right?”

They nodded.

“Well I am a light magician. To become a light magician I have to throw out all sense of dark magic running through me no matter how small it is. Unfortunately once I did that it took a shape and form of its own. Me. Before I was able to banish it however he disappeared. Last time I saw him it was when we had arrived in the New World and we found the personifications.” England said rapidly.

“And what does he want with the children?”

“I don’t know.” England said looking at them. “And quite frankly that scares me, a lot.”
“I‘m going to write as big as I can, all over the pages.” Alfred exclaimed holding the quill up high.

‘England’ laughed. “Do that my boy. Write as big as you want.”

‘France’ cleared his throat. “Matthew first.”

“Ah yes, we must go with land on this.” ‘England’ said pulling Alfred away slightly. “You are next love.”

“Why do I go last?” Maria demanded.

“We are going in order of land from top to bottom.” ‘Spain’ explained. “And you’re on the bottom. Matthew is on top.”

Maria crossed her arms and gave a small sigh of annoyance.

‘France’ lifted Matthew slightly so he could write easier.

“There you are.” ‘France’ said as Matthew slowly wrote out his name. “Matthew Williams.”

“My turn! My turn!” Alfred said running to the table followed by ‘England’.

“Alfred. F. Jones.” Alfred said slowly as he wrote his name, he frowned for a moment at the paper before looking up at his guardian. “Is that spelt right?”

‘England’ glanced at the paper. “Looks right to me.”

“My turn!” Maria shouted pushing Alfred out of the way. ‘Spain’ grinned at her actions.

“My little girl, already a fighter.” he sighed.

She looked up at ‘Spain’. “Last name.” she demanded.

“Fernandez.” he said before slowly spelling it out for her.

Maria slowly wrote her name under Alfreds.

The three men smiled before picking up their individual charge.

“There we go.” ‘England’ murmured as Alfreds eyes drooped. “You sleep for now and let everything unfold as it should.”

The children slid into a sweet and deep slumber.

A loud crack brought them out of their own thoughts. They looked up to the ceiling. ‘England’ smirked.

“That would be Arthur trying to break through the shields.” he said placing Alfred back into the black cradle. ‘Spain’ and ‘France’ followed his actions and placed theirs next to Alfred.

“We should leave.” ‘Spain’ said.

The front door flew open and England came running in followed by Spain and France. The room was empty except for the three slumbering children.

Spain and France immediately ran to the cradle and looked at the children while England looked around the room with suspicion. The duo gave a sigh of relief.

“The children are alright.”

England’s eyes narrowed. “Something doesn’t feel right.” he said walking to where the children were. His face softened however when he saw Alfred and Matthew.

He gently touched each child before saying “It doesn’t seem like he did anything to them. It seems we came thankfully in time.”

In unison the three children breathed in and out.
Tags: america, aph, au, canada, england, fanfic, france, mexico, spain

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