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APH fic Twisted chapter 3

Title: Twisted
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, Canada, Mexico, England
Rating: M for safety. And suicide.
Warnings: Suicide.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: After the financial gang bang happened and burdened by the memories America chooses to commit suicide in order to escape the pain. Tormented by guilt England prepares a spell to bring him back. Only he had no desire to come back and now that he is, he wants only revenge. 

England was panting and watching anxiously. The spell had taken more out of him than he thought it would.

All of a sudden Americas back arched upwards and there was an unmistakable sound of a person gasping for air.

America continued to gasp and he curled into a slight ball on his side as he gulped in the much needed air. In front of England’s eyes the rotting flesh started to heal.

Filled with joy England came forward and placed a hand on America’s shoulders. “America? Lad? Are you alright?”

America’s eyes were glazed over however they started to clear when he locked them on England. America didn’t move for a moment.

Suddenly his right arm flashed forward and he grabbed England by the throat.

England gasped and clutched at his arm. “Am-America!”

Leaning close to the older nation America hissed “Why the hell did you bring me back?”

Without waiting for an answer America threw England onto the ground and a few feet away.

When England landed he scrambled back without taking his gaze off of America.

America took a few steps towards him before falling to his knees. He groaned slightly as he leaned against his tombstone.

England didn’t waste a moment as he stood and ran as fast as he was able to.

Something horribly wrong had happened.
America was breathing heavily as he leaned on the tombstone. A quick look showed that it was his. He actually managed a small smile at the sentence that most likely Canada had chosen.

His body. It wasn’t used to being alive anymore. It needed time for his heart to completely have the blood circulate and for feeling and movement to be restored.

He watched as England ran away. The coward. He needed to finish what he started.

They all did.

America would go back to the darkness he decided. But first he wanted to take care of something here.

Namely the ones who had raped him. They all deserved to die as well.

But to do so he would need allies beside him. Ones who would trust in him and follow him.

Who can he trust?

Canada and Mexico were the first ones that came to mind immediately. His brother and sister. Who else would help him and who else would he be able to trust more than his siblings?

France and Spain.

France had colonized Canada before England had come. He was like a father to Canada.

And the same thing with Mexico. She had ties to Spain who in turn had ties to South Italy.

Neither one could be trusted.

He closed his eyes and took deep breaths. The falling rain was in a sense soothing to him as it dripped down his body leaving cool rivers in its wake.

Soon he was asleep. Cradled by the falling rain, the warm earth, and his own mind.

It was nighttime once more when he woke up. He brought his hands up and flexed them. He winched as a small shiver of pain shot up his arms before moving his limbs.

He slowly stood on shaking legs and took a step forward. He immediately fell to the ground before he stood once more. He took a step forward. Then another. Then another. And another.

He didn’t pay any attention to his surroundings. He concentrated on his body into getting it to listen to him once more.

Soon he was running around the cemetery. He stretched his limbs and massaged any sore places on his body.

A sign caught his attention.

‘Virginian Graveyard. Circa 1875.’

This graveyard. It was so familiar to him.

He turned around and almost on an impulse he started walking to a certain grave. His feet and heart knew where to go even if his mind didn’t.

He walked to nearly the back of the cemetery. Where the oldest graves were since the beginning of this place.

Finally he stopped in front of two graves that were side by side and he realized just why he had brought himself here and why this place was so familiar.

The tombstones were faded and worn. However he knew the words as well as his Declaration of Independence.

The one on the right read Anthony B. Jones. August 13th 1884-August 13th 1902.

The one on the left read Emily B. Jones. August 13th 1884-August 13th 1902.

Both of them had a single sentence on them. The same sentence.

‘Within us the power of the land, tied to the earth and to the people.’

This was his son and daughter.

America reached out and gently touched the tombstones. He remembered the day they were buried. Brother and sister, twins.

Both had died on exactly midnight of their eighteenth birthday. They had practically dropped dead.

Except their hearts had continued to beat an agonizing and slow death that lasted for hours.

He still remembered holding Emily as she sobbed. He still remembered her last words.

“I don’t want to die father. I am too young. I have no desire for my life to end at its peak.”

Anthony hadn’t said anything like that but it was clear that he had been thinking that as well.

He had held both of their hands as they let out their last breaths. He had seen their eyes close for the last time.

They didn’t want to die.

The realization hit him once more. They hadn’t wanted to die. They were his loyal children.

A smirk appeared on his face.

They were perfect.
Nations can have children with humans. The nations were built as humans after all. A man could impregnate a female personification and a female can get impregnated by a male personification.

The one time that America had ever slept with another woman was in February of 1884. He had stupidly gotten drunk at a bar and the next thing he had known was waking up in his bed with a woman he had never met.

And he knew that she was pregnant right away.

So he did the right thing. He proposed and married the woman. They had a short and hurried wedding in order to hide the fact that she was pregnant. Her family had been disapproving at first before learning of his high up job in the government.

Her name had been Abigail.

They never did fall in love with one another. There was the mutual respect that a husband and wife had for one another however they never had sex again.

And then the children had been born.

It was a moment that he had remembered until his death. Those wonderful moments when his children had been born.

It had a relatively simple birth. A couple of pushes and grunts before first came his son and then his daughter.

He might not have loved his wife the way he should have but he most definitely loved their children.

The both of them were the biggest joys in his life. Their smiles made his day while their tears destroyed it.

The years passed. They were unfortunately human and so they grew quickly. He hated it that they were humans and he resigned himself to watching his children get old, marry, have children of their own, and then die. He hated it and unfortunately there had been nothing that he was able to do.

And then they fell sick.

Deep in his heart he knew why they had become sick suddenly like that. He had just deluded himself into believing that it wouldn’t happen to them. He hoped and he had prayed that it wouldn’t.

However personifications are never meant to give nor have children. Because of the genes given to them by their personification parent their hearts and souls were connected to the land however their bodies were never able to deal with the stress that was brought on with being connected to the land.

And slowly their bodies failed and slowly died. The complete death on the day of their eighteenth birthday.

And all he was able to do was watch as they took their last breathes and the life left their eyes.

But there was something that he was now able to do. Now he can bring them to life and ensure that they had the lives that they were supposed to have.

It was two birds with one stone really. He would have the allies that he needed to ensure his revenge and once he was done they would take his place.
Tags: america, aph, au, england, fanfic

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