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APH Fic Twisted chapter 4

Title: Twisted
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, Canada, Mexico, England
Rating: M for safety. And suicide.
Warnings: Suicide.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: After the financial gang bang happened and burdened by the memories America chooses to commit suicide in order to escape the pain. Tormented by guilt England prepares a spell to bring him back. Only he had no desire to come back and now that he is, he wants only revenge. 

America gripped the knife in his hand tightly. Its handle was a rough in his hands and the sharp metal was a good foot long.

Perfect for what he needed to do.

He brought the knife to his back and pressed down carefully. He pressed as hard as he was able to until he broke through the skin and his blood flew in rivers down his back. He continued to press until he felt the bone, only then did he withdraw the knife and do the same to the other side of his back.

Once he was done he laid the knife to the side and closed his eyes. Almost immediately the shadows answered him and curled around his legs before entwining themselves to his body and using his legs, waist, chest, arms as a guide upwards and to the wounds on his back.

He felt the shadows enter the bleeding cuts. He felt them spread on the inside of his body. One tendril brushed against his unfortunately beating heart lovingly.

The shadows pushed at the remaining skin both inside and outside that surrounded the wound. Then they started to take form.

They attached themselves to his body before extending and bringing a part of them downwards and in a curve. The same upwards, they rose and curved until the top was a sharp tip. Accented by a fang both on the top and the bottom.

America sighed in happiness as he felt the shadows extend themselves along his body. They curved around his naked body. They started to form clothes that suited him.

He had thought perhaps it would have been a toga like England wore or perhaps a suit. No. The shadows seemed to laugh at his assumptions as they continued along his body, changing and forming to their will.

Once it was all done America stood from his place on the floor and walked to the hallway mirror. As he passed a room he glanced at the door and smiled at it before he continued onward.

He watched himself in the mirror. Practically everything about him had changed in this form. His blonde hair had streaks of black in them. His blue eyes had a hint of red. His skin had turned slightly pale. His clothes were all leather. From the pants to the jacket to the boots. Only the shirt underneath the jacket was fabric, runes shined in the light from it.

Even Texas was different. The glasses that had seemed like ordinary glasses were encrusted in red jewels around the black lenses. The tips of them ended in points as well with a fang.

But what he loved the most however was behind him. The one on his back.

Two gorgeous black wings sprouting from his body. Curving from his back both up and down ending with a fang before they curved again to meet their sides.

America sighed; his breath momentarily clouded the mirror.

It was time for the ritual to bring his children back to life. And first of all if he wanted to ensure that they wouldn’t be human and would be like him he would need a special sacrifice.

Humans wouldn’t do. Their organs, blood, and skin were all human. Soft and weak. Not good for what he needed to do.

No, he needed the blood, the organs, the skin of personifications if he intended for his children to be like him. If they were to take over once he was done and ready to go back. America needed a personification after all, even if it took two. One would be the south and the other the north.

However back on the topic at hand. He needed two sacrifices for his two children. And he knew exactly who to use.

Looks like the useless Italians would be of some use after all.
Tags: america, aph, au, fanfic

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