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APH Fic Twisted ch 5

Title: Twisted
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, Canada, Germany, England, North Italy, South Italy, Spain
Rating: M for safety. And suicide.
Warnings: Suicide.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: After the financial gang bang happened and burdened by the memories America chooses to commit suicide in order to escape the pain. Tormented by guilt England prepares a spell to bring him back. Only he had no desire to come back and now that he is, he wants only revenge. 

“I’m telling you!” England yelled. “I brought America back and now I am sure that he has done something it the Italians!”

Spain rolled his eyes. “England we buried America. Everyone saw it.”

“Once again. I dug up his coffin and brought him back to life.”

“You dug up my brother’s grave!” Canada exclaimed. “Do you have any respect what so ever?”

“That is not the point.” Germany said. “The point is where is Veneziano and Romano?”

“I am one hundred percent sure that they are at America’s house.” England said breaking into a run.

The others followed him as he ran onto America’s porch and grabbed the doorknob. It turned easily in his grasp and he entered.

“America! America!” England yelled. “America!”

“This joke of yours has gone for enough England.” Canada said. “You just don’t know when to stop, do you?”

“You don’t understand!” England screamed. “America come down here now!”

“England stop!” Canada screamed.

“There is no need to yell Iggy I can hear you just fine.”

Everyone’s head turned to the staircase where Alfred F. Jones was walking down in a pair of sweats and t-shirt evidently just getting out of bed.

Silence fell.

America raised an eyebrow. “All that yelling to get my attention and when I’m here you don’t say anything.”

“Al?” Canada asked his voice quivering. It sounded like he was almost in tears.

“Canada.” America said.

Suddenly Canada ran t where America stood and threw his arms around him. America’s arms slowly came up to embrace his brother.

“Al.” Canada sobbed into his shirt. “Oh god Al, oh god.”

“No.” America said softly. “God has nothing to do with it.”

Germany and Spain stepped forward.

“While we are all amazed and relieved at your return.” Germany said. “There is something we need to know.”

“Do you know where Romano and Veneziano are?” Spain asked.

America didn’t say anything but nuzzled closer to Canada crooning slightly.

“America!” Germany cried. “Do you know where-”

“The Italians are?” America finished. “Yes I do.”

Before anyone could say anything else movement from the top of the stairs. Someone was looking down at them from around the corner. The arm of the fabric was clear however. It was Veneziano’s uniform.

“Veneziano.” Germany said in relief. “There you are, I was…” he trailed off.

A girl stepped out of the shadows watching them, visibly confused, wearing Veneziano’s uniform.

She was lightly gripping the wall beside her as she watched them.

“Who is this girl?” Germany asked turning to America. “Why is she wearing Veneziano’s uniform?”

America looked up at the girl and frowned slightly.

“Emily what did I tell you about getting up?” he called to her. “You need to be resting.”

“I heard shouting.” she said softly. “I became worried.”

Canada looked at the girl carefully. “Al?” he asked. “Who is she?”

Emily turned her head to the side. “Anthony.”

A boy came out of the shadows now. What Spain saw immediately was that he was wearing Romano’s uniform. He twirled towards America.

“Where. Is. Romano.” he said slowly his hands shaking.

America walked to the desk standing a few feet away and picked up a tape which he handed to Germany.

“While ya’ll watch that I’m going to go make some coffee.” America said going to the kitchen. Emily and Anthony came down and sat at the last step of the stairs.

Germany sighed as he crossed the room and inserted the video into the VCR. There was a lot of static in the beginning of the video until it cleared up and showed America sitting somewhere. His legs were crossed and he was humming slightly.

“If you guys are watching this.” America on the screen said softly. “Then you are probably at my house right now and asking me one of two things or maybe even both. One would be how I returned to life; you can ask England that by the way. Or two. Where are the Italian brothers?”

America on screen stretched and smacked his lips slightly before walking to the camera and fixing it.

“The worst part about working alone.” they heard him say. “You have to do all of the work.”

The camera zoomed out. Germany and Spain felt their breaths get caught in their throats.

Veneziano and Romano were tied to huge metal crosses extended in the air with their mouths gaged. They were each hanging over a coffin.

America came back into the cameras view. “I really did have to gag them. I just couldn’t take the constant pleading and yelling.”

America smirked then. “And besides you, no one, listened to me when I pleaded or you guys to stop so why should I listen?”

America walked to the coffins with a crowbar in hand. He slid it in between the top and the coffin and easily ripped it off. He quickly did the same to the other one.

Germany saw Veneziano’s eyes start to fill with tears. He clutched his hands together to keep them from shaking.

“Now I’m not entire sure if England is there or not.” America said looking into the camera. “But if he is then I’m sure he can recognize what this is.”

The three of them turned towards England who was looking at the children.

“No.” England whispered. They heard America place the kettle on the oven in the kitchen.

“Now then.” America on screen said. He turned to the Italians. “I think I’ll start with you.”

He walked to the coffin under Veneziano. He kneeled and softly touched the array.

Light surrounded Veneziano and the coffin. Blood started to drip from Veneziano and into the coffin. The light turned red and they were able to hear his muffled screams.

America raised his arm. The shadows seemed to crawl up towards Veneziano before they sharply pierced him.

Veneziano’s eyes were shut tightly although the tears running down his face was clear.

His entire body shuddered violently before he became still.

Germany felt the blood drain from his body.

Romano’s muffled yells filled the air. He jerked his body in an attempt to get to his brother.

Veneziano’s body started to disappear. First the skin which showed the muscles. Then the muscles followed by the organs then the blood that had been dripping steadily into the coffin and finally the bones leaving the clothes, boots, and necklace to fall to the floor.

There was movement in the coffin. It rattled and shook. Slowly a hand raised into the air.

It was completely bones.

The thing in the coffin lifted itself slowly until it fell out of the coffin and onto the floor. Pearl white bones dripped with blood.

It almost looked like it was clawing at the ground. Bones were breaking and snapping into the place as the body reformed itself.

The thing seemed to flex its new body as the black holes that past as its eyes looked around the room.

A sudden spasm hit it as it fell to the floor and shook violently. Organs started to slowly appear. The heart came first and once all of the organs were in place it visibly started to beat. They were able to see blood beginning to flow.

Nerve endings came next and if it had vocal chords it would be certain that it would be screaming in pain.

Skin finally started to appear. From the feet upwards slowly making its way. The skin was pale incredulously from not having blood pumped through the veins and not seeing the sun for so long. When the skin formed around the lower waist the gender was clear. It was a girl.

The skin helped form the stomach and the breasts. Soon the arms and the neck.

The skin formed slowly going to the back of the head and the lower face slowly.

Once the skin reached the beginning of the forehead hair began to grow on the top. Blonde hair just a shade lighter than Americas reached the middle of the girls back.

The girl hadn’t moved since the skin had appeared, almost seemingly frozen.

Small parted red lips. Wide blue eyes. A small nose. The face, the body, was complete.

Then almost like a puppet whose strings had been cut she fell to the floor gasping for air.

Everyone turned to the girl sitting on the stairs that merely looked up at them innocently.

“Now your turn.” America said turning to Romano who had become pale white. Before the video could continue Spain jumped forward and quickly turned the TV off.

“Hey guys.” America said coming out of the kitchen and smiling. “Anyone want some coffee?”
Tags: america, aph, au, canada, england, fanfic, germany, spain

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