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APH Fic Hunter chapter 1

Title: Hunter
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany, France, Prussia, Liechtenstein, Germania, China
Rating: T
Warnings: None for now.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Gilbert is a hunter of mythical creatures as his father and his father before him. The most highest in demands are the elves which are the hardest to find let alone capture. One night after setting a trap with his friends he is able to capture an elf.

Gilbert sighed and threw the book he had been reading to the side where it fell to the floor and rubbed his eyes.

There really was no point in reading something he had read a hundred times before. If he tried he could even recite every word from any passage.

He tipped his chair back so that it leaned on its two back legs and glanced around his room. The familiarity brought him a sense of peace from his still not made bed to the desk he was sitting at to the lanterns that his mother had given him to the sword, bow, and arrows leaning near the door.

He shook his head as he brought his chair down to all four legs once more and stood. Taking his coat and his sword he stepped out. Maybe some fresh air will help him process his thoughts better.

Nodding his goodbye to his father as he passed him Gilbert left the house and breathed in the fresh night air deeply.

He walked slowly through the town passing the butcher shop and the bakery. Both had been closed for the day so their buildings were dark.

He walked to the center of the town were people were still gathering. A group of children, all boys of course, to the side were listening to an old man telling stories. Gilbert drifted closer to listen.

“The most fearsome of the creature’s children.” The old man said. “Are the elves. Deadly beautiful, their eyes can hold you in place and make you forget that you are a human being, a class above them.”

“What else?” one of the children prompted.

The old man smiled. “They are pale and slender. Built for running and stealing from the humans. Their magic, as they believe, exceeds our own. Never trust an elf, children.” The old man warned. “They lie constantly to anyone who is not their own and will turn on you the moment that they gain your trust.”

“Have you ever seen an elf?” a different boy asked.

The old man nodded. “Once in my life and I should be so lucky. Most hunters go their entire lives without seeing one. It had been a girl I believe. She had long light hair that reached the ground and her skin was flawless and pale. Not a single scar marred her body as far as I could see. Her eyes were as light as the sky on a calm day and the tips of her ears were as pointed as a knife. When she spoke it had been as if she was singing the most beautiful of songs. That is how they trick you children. Their beauty and their abilities is what they use to their advantages.”

“What did you do?” the child asked once more.

The man spread his hands. “What was I able to do? I had been alone, my arrows were gone, and all I had left was my sword. My magical knowledge was limited, this was before all hunters were to learn the magic, and I knew that if I attacked I would be killed. She stared at me for a moment before she ran away.”

“She was probably scared.” a boy said laughing.

The old man shrugged. “Perhaps.”

Gilbert shook his head in amusement as he walked away when the boys began to cry for more stories.

He refused to remember that when he had been their ages he had been the first one to cry out for more stories.
Ludwig ran through the forest as fast as his legs were able to. They were often described as graceful and delicate in certain situations and in other they were strong and able.

He hoped that this was one of those times.

He glanced at his little sister who was sleeping in his arms. Her delicate face was red with fever and she was shivering slightly.

Ludwig paused in his running to cover her more tightly with a blanket and looking around for safety he continued to run.

He needed to get Lilia to a Healer. They would have the medicine necessary to help her.

And unfortunately with the capturing of all the elven Healers he and his people had needed to enter the human premises in order to search for a Healer.

His heart clenched at the unneeded memory of Healer Raivis that had been taken from them moons ago. The small man had always been kind to everyone, never having a harsh word to a single soul.

He had disappeared about six moons ago and while it wasn’t spoken of everyone knew what had happened to him and no longer believed that he was returning.

Ludwig shook his head to rid the thoughts and continued to spread his senses in hopes to find the familiar aura of a Healer.

Movement simply a few feet away caught his attention and he immediately fell behind a tree and cast a spell to hide him from the senses.

Clutching Lilia to him tightly and praying she would not awaken at this moment he stayed still. His eyes widened and he froze when he saw two Hunters walk past him talking quietly to one another, their eyes scanning the area with every step they took.

Ludwig’s eyes glanced up at the moon and he prayed that they would not see him.

One of the men shook his head and left followed by the other man.

Ludwig remained in his position, crouched behind the tree with the spell on him and his sister and no movement, for many minutes after they left before he felt safe enough to leave his shelter.

He sighed in relief as he adjusted Lilia in his arms to a more comfortable position and spread his senses once more.

His heart leaped in joy when he finally located a Healer merely a minutes run from him.

Without wasting another moment Ludwig immediately started to run.
Gilbert was trying; he really was trying, to stay awake during the speech that the Head Hunter was giving about the recent activity of their prey.

But it was just so boring.

A nudge into his side jolted his out of his thoughts and made him focus on the lecture once more. He gave a nod of thanks towards his friend Francis as he listened.

“Lately more and more elves have been seen around the area.” The Head Hunter said. If Gilbert remembered correctly his name was Yao. “This is the perfect opportunity to capture them.”

Murmurs filled the air. The reward for capturing an elf was great and would ensure that the Hunter lived well for years to come.

“We are in need to elves more than ever.” Yao continued. “Our supplies of their blood have dwindled to practically nothing. To every Hunter here, should you capture an elf put as minimal damage on it as possible. There is nothing worse than spoiled goods.”

One of the other warriors stood and said “Because of the high demand and the low supply the reward for an elf has doubled to its previous amount.”

Yao nodded and said “Now then. As we know they prefer to come out at night. Every Hunter is to leave as soon as the sun sets and the moon rises into the forests. Find an elf and bring it back.”

“Dead or alive?” a man called out.

Yao smiled however it was a cold smile. “As long as the body is not too damaged I don’t see why it has to be alive.”
If Ludwig had been younger or less of a warrior he would have given a slight whimper.

Getting to the Healer had been slightly difficult. And now returning home had proved to be one hundred fold more difficult.

Hunters. They were everywhere. Ludwig could catch their words every now and then.

They knew that he and some of his own were also out and were ready to capture all that they could.

He glanced at his sister. The fever had lowered however it had not been broken. Once the sun rose however the Healer had assured him that it would be gone completely.

He needed to get home. Past those barrier lines and he would be free and safe. He could return home to his brother and his brother’s mate. Tomorrow was the full moon and all of his people were getting ready to celebrate.

Ludwig was certain as well that he knew who he had chosen to be his mate. The proper way was to ask them in the light of the full moon that symbolized life and love.

He gave a small smile before returning his attention to his surrounds/

He will return home with Lilia he said to himself. He will return home.

He will.
Tags: aph, au, china, fanfic, france, germania, germany, liechenstein, prussia

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