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APH Fic Healer chapter 2

Title: Hunter
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany, France, Prussia, Liechtenstein
Rating: T
Warnings: None for now.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Gilbert is a hunter of mythical creatures as his father and his father before him. The most highest in demands are the elves which are the hardest to find let alone capture. One night after setting a trap with his friends he is able to capture an elf.

Gilbert carefully set the trap onto the ground aware of his father’s watchful eyes overseeing his every move.

‘Bastard just wants a reason to lecture me.’ Gilbert thought to himself.

Sighing slightly Gilbert murmured under his breath the spells to ensure the trap, to hide it from seeing eyes, and to make sure he will know when, if, it captured someone.

Hopefully an elf, although he didn’t mind if it were a vampire and a quick glance at the moon showed that no werewolves would be around until tomorrow night.

He could almost sense Alvars disappointment when Gilbert stood and there were no mistakes in his trap.

Stopping to shoot his father a smug smirk Gilbert shouldered his bow and continued walking through the forest.

Why the hell was it so quiet? There were always birds or some sort of animals making noise in the forest.

He glanced back at the concealed trap. He had done those traps for years and over a hundred times and never caught anything more dangerous than the occasional vampire. He didn’t really have that high of hopes for it tonight.

He breathed in the crisp cool air which caused his lungs to sting slightly. Winter was coming in a few short months.

Grateful now that he had decided to take his jacket as well as his cloak he pulled both closer to him as he and his father walked together in silence.

Really, what were the odds that he would catch an elf?
Ludwig refused to acknowledge that his legs were shaking. And if he did acknowledge it the reason was only because he was tired from running practically all day and not because he was scared.

It wasn’t that much longer. He was very close to his home and with that safety. Lilia would be safe from harm.

He shifted her in his arms slightly. The Healer had told him that the medicine that he had given her would cause her to sleep until morning came so it could work completely.

Ludwig slowed to a walk and glanced around nervously, his heart pounding in his chest and breathing heavily.

In an effort to calm himself he tried to think of happier moments. When he was younger and was with his mother and father. His brother Berwald raising him and the infant Lilia after their parents had disappeared. Time spent with Lilia, watching her smile and laugh. The delight that he desired to see on Feliciano’s face when he asked the other to be his mate.

Holding Lilia to his chest he peered around a tree. After making sure they were alone he continued forward.

Taking a deep breath to calm his rattled nerves his bare feet moved soundlessly against the forest floor. The warm dirt was familiar and comforting under his bare feet.

He cautiously took another step forward.


A scream tore from his throat filling the forest as metal teeth sunk themselves into his leg breaking through the skin and gripping the bone causing him to fall to the ground. Lilia fell to the ground, thankfully still asleep, slightly to the side.

Ludwig twisted himself towards the contraption hanging onto his leg and his eyes widened at the familiar trap. This was one of the Hunters favorites to capture.

Blood ran down his leg as the metal teeth tightened themselves against the bone. Ludwig winched as he tried to crawl away, it only tightened against him.

No. No, no, no, no, no. This couldn’t have happened to him. Not now. Not when Lilia was here and unconscious. Not when she couldn’t escape.

“Please dearest goddess.” Ludwig whispered. “Help me.”
A ringing sound rang through Gilbert’s head, the sound from the trap when it was successful.

“Father.” Gilbert hissed. “I caught something.”

Without saying another word the two immediately ran to where Gilbert had sent the trap. He felt a thrill go through him when he saw the slender leg caught in the trap.

The elf twisted itself to face them and its eyes widened at the sight of two Hunters.

“Well done son.” Alvar said. “Well done.”

Gilbert grinned as his eyes skimmed over his prize. A female elf. True to the stories her body was slender and looked graceful and slightly strong. Her feet were bare and her gown fluttered around her as well as her waist long blonde hair in the breeze. Her wide blue eyes were alight in fear as she gave a slight whimper and tried to back away.

“Nowhere for you to run now.” Gilbert said.

She was breathing heavily and he was sure that there were tears in her eyes.

She said something in her own language, her voice shaking slightly.

Movement from the side caught his attention. The female elf shrieked when his eyes drifted to the side. Ignoring the cries coming from her he walked to the blankets and pulled it apart.

A sleeping child elf was lying on the forest floor.

“Well, well, well.” Gilbert said. The female elf was nearly begging him in her own tongue. “Two in one night.”

The elf gave a cry.

“Take me!” she cried in accented English surprising the two Hunters. “Take me but leave my little sister alone!”

Gilbert paused to throw a smirk at her. “And why should I do that?”

“She is a child!” the elf cried.

Gilbert shrugged. “Child. Adult. Both give good prices.”

She gave another cry, this one she tilted her head back and allowed it to fill through the forest.

“Cry all you want.” Alvar said. “It will not help you. I have notified the others.” he added to his son. “They will be here soon to bring the elves home with us.”

Gilbert nodded as he watched the elf try to use magic. Her eyes widened when she realized that it didn’t work.

“Go ahead and try some more.” Gilbert encouraged. “Not like there’s a spell on that trap to keep you from performing your demonic magic.”

The girl said something quietly in her own tongue; her eyes flew to her sister once more.

He saw a group of men coming towards them and their eyes light up when they saw the trapped elf. One clapped their hand on Gilberts shoulder.

“Good job, boy.” he said. “Very good job.”

The girl gave a whimper as she tried once more to free herself from the trap.

Gilbert heard an unfamiliar voice from behind him say in an unfamiliar language something he was sure was a curse. Suddenly the next thing he knew was a sword that was pushed into his side.

“Gilbert!” his father roared at seeing his injured son.

Gilbert turned his head behind him and his eyes widened at the sight of two more elves, both brandishing swords with fire in their eyes.

The smaller one snarled something before it brought its sword towards Gilbert. The taller one jumped to where the female elf he had captured was and quickly freed her. Seeing her wounded leg it bent down and picked her up in its arms.

The female elf said something in their language very quickly. The one holding her nodded and quickly scooped up the sleeping child elf. The smaller elf had been battling and holding off the humans. At seeing its companions were free it quickly went to their sides and the four of them disappeared.

The men started to swear and curse in anger while Gilbert gripped his side. Alvar pressed cloth to it to help stop the bleeding.

“We need to get you to a Healer.” Alvar said quietly. Helping his son stand the two of them quietly left the other men.
Ludwig leaned into his brother’s chest still breathing heavily. Berwald tightened his grip on Ludwig and glanced quickly at Tino who was carrying Lilia. Neither one of them stopped running until they passed the magic line of the protective barrier.

Berwald eyes narrowed as he gazed at his younger brother. “You are lucky that Tino and I were close enough to hear of your capture.” he almost snapped at him. “That we were able to save you in time.”

Ludwig nodded. “Please put me down, I need to see my leg.”

Berwald obeyed and set Ludwig on the ground. They both peeled away the cloth that Berwald had wrapped around the leg temporally. Ludwig hissed slightly as the cloth was removed.

Tino shook his head. “You need to see a Healer for that.”

“I know.” Ludwig said. “But you wounded a human. And there is only one Healer close enough for the two of us.”

“You know the laws of the Healers.” Tino said. “While we are on their lands we cannot fight. The humans especially know this.”

“It’s a risk we are going to have to take.” Berwald said. “We can’t have that leg getting infected.”

Ludwig nodded slowly. “Berwald will you take me?” at Berwalds nod Ludwig turned to Tino and said “Please take Lilia home, she needs her rest.”

Tino nodded and soon ran off to their home. Berwald picked Ludwig up in his arms once more.

“To the Healer.” he said softly.
Tags: aph, au, fanfic, finland, germania, germany, liechenstein, prussia, sweden

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