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APH Fic Vampir chapter 1

Title: Vampir
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia, Young!Germany, Austria
Rating: T on the safe side.
Warnings: Um...brothers kinda kissing. It's not real kissing but it is transfering something mouth to mouth so...take that as you will. But I don't mean for this to be Germancest.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary:The German family has kept a secret from all the other nations dating back to their sire Germania. The secret? They are vampires.

Ludwig was dying.

Or rather he would soon be dead if he didn't drink the bottle that Gilbert was holding in his hands and the look on his face showed that he was close to just pouring it down the younger ones throat.

And by g-d he looked tempted.

"Ludwig." he said through his teeth. "I know you are stubborn, I like that. But there are times when you need to listen to me! This is one of those times!"

Ludwig turned his head to the side, facing away from his brother.

Gilbert growled slightly as he came forward and grasped Ludwigs face in his hand. "Listen to me. You are going to die if you do not drink this."

"Then I will die." Ludwig said maintaining eye contact with Gilbert.

Gilbert snarled as he pulled Ludwig closer to him. "Drink it." he commanded.

"No." he replied steely.

Gilbert was silent for a moment before he pushed Ludwig against the wall above his pillows. Ludwig slid down the wall breathing heavily. His strength was fading fast.

"You know something? I don't care. You can die for all I care really." Gilbert said, before leaving the room, taking the bottle with him.

Ludwig let the air that he had been holding out as soon as Gilbert had closed the door. He slid down the wall and back unto his pillows. He was getting weaker, he could feel it. He could barely lift his head from his pillow now.

So this was how he was going to die. He had kinda hoped that he would die on the battlefield with his honor and pride intact. But no, fate had this plan.

Ludwig groaned. Ever since he had fully came into being his brother had explained what they were and what they needed.

They were vampires.

They needed blood.

Human blood.

Ludwig held back a whimper. He had refused one hundred percent to drink human blood. It was inhumane and barbaric. And disgusting. To actually drink the blood of another human, whether it is from them or a bottle, was nauseating.

Gilbert had played along with Ludwig in the beginning, he thought that it was a momentarily rebellion from the child. Which had come as a relief in a way to the elder brother, he thought his brother was too much of a goody-two shoes and had loved the rebellion he had shown.

Until Gilbert realized that he meant it with every fiber of his being and wasn't going to change his mind even if it killed him.

And it was going to.

He was tired. So tired. He could barely keep his eyes open.

Before he knew it he had fallen asleep.
When he woke up he found out two things.

One. He could barely move his limbs.

And two Roderich was there. In his room. Arguing with Gilbert.

The two stopped arguing when they realized that Ludwig was awake.

"Oh! West! Still alive? Thought you would be dead by now." Gilbert said.

"Gilbert." Roderich frowned at their brother before sitting next to Ludwig on the bed.

"Ludwig…" he began only for Ludwig to interrupt "I don't care what you or brother say. I'm not drinking it."

"See?" Gilbert said snorting. "Let him die if he wants to so badly."

Roderich sighed. "Ludwig. Think rationally here. I know that you don't want to die. We don't want you to die. So please. Just drink it."

Ludwig shook his head.

Roderich placed his hand on Ludwigs back. "Listen. I understand that it is hard for you. It is always hard the first time. But you get used to it."

Ludwig tried to turn and bury his head back into his pillows. Unfortunately Roderich didn't let him.

"You don't even have the strength to fight me off Ludwig! Or to do anything honestly!" Roderich exclaimed. "Please for your sake. Drink the blood."

Ludwig pressed his lips together tightly in an answer.

He saw Gilbert move from the corner of his eye and turned to look where their brother was. He was drinking from the bottle that had the blood.

Ludwig felt himself relax. If Gilbert was drinking it that meant that they couldn't use it on him.

"Ludwig." Roderich said.

Ludwig looked at him and was shocked to find a remorseful expression on his face.

"I'm sorry."

Before Ludwig could ask what he was sorry for Roderich grabbed him by his shoulders and kept him in place on his back on his bed.

Before he could scream at Roderich to let him go Gilbert grabbed his face again and pressed his lips to Ludwigs.

Ludwigs eyes were wide open and he realized what they were trying to do.

They were going to transfer the blood to him through mouth-to-mouth.

Ludwig struggled. He kept his mouth firmly closed and tried to get out of Roderichs steel-like grip.

In response Roderich gripped his shoulders tighter and even dug his nails into him causing pain to go through him.

He made the mistake of gasping causing his mouth to open. Gilbert took advantage of that and kept his mouth open with his tongue and teeth and opening his own mouth to allow the blood to go from him to Ludwig.

Ludwig stiffened as he felt the blood travel down his throat. He could feel it settling in his stomach. He whimpered as it continued to spread through him.

Finally Gilbert let go of his brother as did Roderich. Ludwig immediately let out a gasp and with the back of his hand wiped his mouth.

"You…you…bastards!" he nearly screeched.

Gilbert laughed.

"Bastards we may be but at least we got the blood into you." he said.

"You said that you didn't care if I died!"

"Kid I say a lot of things." Gilbert said smirking. "Besides its already working isn't it? You could barely sit up this morning and now you can already jump up and start screaming at us."

Before Ludwig could retort his entire body stiffened.

Gasping he brought his hands to his throat and collapsed back on the bed.

Gilbert walked over to him and peered at him. He nodded and said "You're finally going into the final cycle. Starts right after the first time you drink blood."

His teeth. His teeth were aching. He could feel them getting longer, retracting, and going forward again. Shudders started to spread through his body. Roderich pried his hands away from his throat and back to his sides.

Thankfully he fell into blissful unconsciousness, sparing him from feeling more of the pain.

I…have no idea where the hell I am going with this.
Tags: aph, au, austria, germany, prussia, vampire

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