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APH Fic The Maid chapter 1

Title: The Maid
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): FemGermany, Prussia
Rating: T
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: When Gilbert hires a new maid named Louise he unknowingly hires someone who is actually a spy looking for the proper information to send him away.

“This is Maidens Incorporation.” a woman’s voice said into the phone. “How is it that I may assist you?”

“Yes this is Gilbert Beilschmidt.” Gilbert said holding the phone to his ear with his shoulder. “I wish to hire a maid.”

“You have called the correct place then Mr. Beilschmidt.” the woman said. “We have only the best maids in America. My name is Magda and I will help you in finding the best maid that you wish.” Her voice dropped here and the malice was clear. “However there is something I must say first. We deal with maids whose chores are to cook, clean, and so forth. None of our workers are for…sexual chores.”

Gilbert rolled his eyes. “I understand that. I want a maid that will cook and clean and all that.”

The smile returned to her voice. “Very well then. I will need to ask you some questions in order to hire the proper fit.”

“Ask away.” Gilbert said leaning back into his chair.

“Do you have a preference for male or female?” Magda asked.

“I don’t care.”

“Is race, religion, or orientation a bother to you?”


“Are you able to provide the maid with proper living facilities, which count but are not limited to a proper bedroom and or a bathroom or must the maid, look for housing elsewhere?”

“I have a guest room that they can use. It has its own bathroom and everything.”

“Wonderful. Now then the basic chores such as cooking the meals, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, answering the phones, and shopping. There are a million more other things that I am sure I cannot list at this moment. Do you currently employ servants at this moment?”


“Have you ever employed servants in the past?”


Gilbert could hear the woman on the other line ruffling through papers. “Do you require them for certain events or gatherings?”

“I hold parties around once a month but that’s basically it.” Gilbert answered.

“Do you have any preferences on the maid themselves?”

“They need to be strong.” Gilbert said. “They have to work very hard and even if I give a ridiculous order they must follow it.”

“Within reasons I am sure.” Magda said the ice tone returning to her voice for a moment.

Gilbert rolled his eyes once more. “Within reasons.”

“Hmm.” Magda said on the other line. “I am now down to three maids in total that can met your requirements. Do you have any pets?”

“Three dogs and a small pet bird.”

“Are the dogs big or small?”

“Big. One is a German Shepherd, the other is a Doberman, and the last one is a Golden Retriever.”

“Alright then that takes out one of the three. Children?”




“That takes out the second one leaving with one.” Magda said. “I am sure that you will very pleased with her.”

“Great.” Gilbert said dryly.

“Her name is Louise Héderváry. She is obedient, serious, strong, and willing. If you give her an order she will see to it that it is fulfilled as you would like it. She is rather expensive however, she has more experience and is an excellent maid.”

“How much?” Gilbert asked.

“For her employment.” Magda said peering onto the figure written on the paper. “It shall be eighty five dollars.”

“A month?”

“A week Mr. Beilschmidt.”

“A week.” Gilbert sputtered. “Eighty five dollars a week for a maid? That is highway robbery!”

“Mr. Beilschmidt.” Magda said with a strange tone of voice. “I give you my utmost assurance. It is worth the money to have her as your maid.”

Gilbert gritted his teeth. “For your companies sake you had better hope so.”

“Oh I know so Mr. Beilschmidt.” Magda said. “Shall I appoint you to her?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Gilbert said quickly giving his address.

“Wonderful.” Magda said. “Louise shall arrive at your home tomorrow at noon sharp.”

Gilbert sighed. “I hope she is up to the challenge.”

“Do not worry one bit Mr. Beilschmidt.” Magda said. “We make sure our maids can handle any situation.”
Magda walked down the hallway towards the bedrooms. The older and more experience you had the higher chance of having your own room and being further away from the other younger maids.

She knocked on the door of the bedroom once she reached it and waited patiently.

“Come in.” the familiar voice called out softly.

Magda opened the door and spotted Louise sitting at her desk writing what was most likely a letter.

“To your sister?” Magda asked walking up to her side.

Louise nodded as she folded the letter in half and then a third. “Yes, she seems to be well. What is it that you need of me?”

Magda held out the paper in her hands which Louise took with both hands. Her eyebrows rose slightly when she spotted the name.

“Gilbert Beilschmidt?” she asked looking at the older woman. “Isn’t this the one that we believe…”

Magda smiled and nodded. “If you perform this one perfectly then you may know that you will be promoted and most of all you can finally get what your sister needs.”

Louise looked back to the paper in her hands and smiled. “Well then, how can I let this one go?”
Louise glanced down at the paper in her hand once more before folding it neatly and placing it in her bag. Carrying her suitcase she walked around the house searching for a back door.

When she found none she frowned slightly and walked back to the front and climbed the stairs leading to the front porch.

She smoothed her white apron, which was in contrast with her black dress, to ensure no wrinkles and knocked on the door three times.

She stepped back and waited for a moment before the door opened to reveal a white haired man with red eyes.

“Mr. Gilbert Beilschmidt?” Louise asked.

At the man’s nod Louise held out the sides of her skirt and curtseyed before saying “My name is Louise Héderváry. I am your new maid.”
Tags: aph, au, fanfic, femgermany, human-au, prussia

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