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APH Fic This Is Who I Am chapter 3

Title: This is Who I Am
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): FemGermania, Rome
Rating: …T? Might rise in the future.
Warnings: None for now I think.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Germania has been hiding a secret for as long as anyone could remember. The secret? Hidden underneath his armor is the body of a girl. FemGermania.

“Germania. I swear.”

She gave a grunt, spared another look at the door, nodded, and continued her inspection.

“I swear.”

She ignored him.

“Germania. You were asleep.”

‘I doubt that has ever stopped you before.’

“Germania. I swear on whatever you want me to.”

Her hand came between her legs. They glided over the skin.

“Germania! I swear I didn’t touch you in your sleep.”

Taking pity on the roman she crossed the room and opened the door. Rome was sitting against the wall to the doors left. He glanced up at her.

“Did you forgive me?” he asked hopefully.

Her eyes narrowed at him.

“I wasn’t able to finish looking.” she said. “I will later. And if I find out that you have done something to me in my sleep I will-”

“I know what you will.” Rome interrupted. He stood up. “And you won’t find anything. I didn’t touch you.”
“I think.” Rome said. “I am in the mood for some good drinks. Will you be joining me Germania?”

“You know I never do.” Germania said.

“Just one glass?” Rome begged. He opened his eyes wide towards her. “Just one?”

Germania simply stared at him in silence.

Rome opened his mouth once more before he sighed and quickly told a servant to bring a barrel of wine and a glass. He glanced at Germania with a slight hopeful look.

“Please?” Rome asked.

Germania simply stared at him.

Hours later found the both of them in Rome’s chambers like each time before. The barrel was almost half empty and Rome was hanging off of Germania like she was a couch.

“I would like it if you get off of me Rome.” Germania said attempting to throw him off.

Rome held onto the ridges of her armor in order to hang onto her. He nuzzled closer into her neck and kissed the skin slightly.

Growling softly Germania took Rome by the arm firmly, picked him up, and dropped him onto the bed.

However Rome had refused to let her go and she fell along with him and on top of him.

In a quick motion Rome had her on the bottom and him on top. He smiled at her as he leaned towards her lips.

With a single motion Germania threw Rome to the side and nearly leaped off the bed a few feet away.

She crossed the room to where the glass Rome had been drinking from was sitting on the ground and dipped it into the barrel. Once filled she sipped from it.

“Thought you didn’t want any to drink.” Rome said. He hadn’t moved from where she had thrown him on the bed.

“I am thirsty.” Germania said curtly. “This is all that we have at the moment.”

Rome smiled and lifted his hand. With a single finger he curled it slightly back and forth. Calling her to him.

Germania sneered at him; she didn’t take her eyes off of him as she drank from the glass.

“Just a kiss?” Rome asked.

Germania thought for a moment before she drank once more from the glass. Keeping the wine in her mouth she placed the glass on the ground once more and crossed to Rome. A hopeful look appeared on his face.

She leaned down and pressed her lips to Rome’s. He eagerly reciprocated and drew them closer. He poked his tongue at her closed lips.

Smirking on the inside Germania allowed her lips to open and transferred the wine from her mouth to his. She pulled away he Rome had choked and was clutching at his own throat, gagging slightly.

“What the hell.” Rome coughed. “Was that?”

“You are the one who wanted a kiss.” Germania said. “I simply added a little extra.”

“The extra involved choking me?” Rome asked.

Germania allowed herself to smirk at Rome before picking up and sipping from the glass of wine once more.
Germania sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose. She leaned against the window sill and gazed around the garden. She sat slightly on the curtain and it wrapped itself around her. The sky was filled with stars and the bright loving moon.

She needed to get out of here. She still had practically all the money that Rome had given her to pay for her services as his guard. She could go anywhere. She had the skills to survive on her own. She would never have to depend on someone else.

She still had her own house in her own lands. Miles away from anyone else, including her people.

She glanced at the sleeping Rome’s body and felt a pang enter her heart. This man. She had been by his side for years and had grown accustomed to his quirks. From his loud voice to his lack of acknowledging a person’s personal space.

She stood from her place at the windowsill and walked to where Rome was sleeping. She sat on the bed lightly and leaned towards him. She used one hand to keep her hair from falling onto Rome’s body and perhaps waking him.

She wanted to kiss him. She had wanted for years now and there were times she almost gave into her own desires.

However if there was one thing that she prided herself on it was her ability to keep her emotions under control.

She kissed Rome’s forehead gently and walked to the desk where Rome kept his papers and ink.

She pulled a piece of paper to her as well as an ink bottle and feather. She placed the feather on the paper and began to write.

By the time you read this I will be long gone.

Please I ask of you. Do not look for me. This is my choice and I hope you will be by it.

Rome, when you asked for me to sleep with you and I said no I saw hurt in your eyes. Please understand that I did want to. However in your words, not my own, I would be scared.

Rome I just want you to know when I wrote that I shuddered. I am never scared charging into a battle or facing down an opponent however this matter does make me rather…hesitant. Not scared Rome.

I have been by your side for more years than I believe anyone has. I’ve watched you conquer land after land and seduce your way through life. As a man I watched you go through Gaul. Britannia. Greece. Egypt. All of them you whispered your words of love. And you bed them to your heart’s desire before you leave them to never look at them again.

I have seen this, and I grew…apprehensive if the knowledge of my true gender reached your ears. I have no desire of being used in such a way and I leave before I fall victim to your charms. I have seen countless women whither and waste their lives based on empty promises brought on by the men they give so much to. I do not write this to hurt you nor what I write what you were going to do. I sincerely hope you did not wish for that.

However based on what I have seen it is hard to come with a different conclusion.

Rome I leave you now with this final farewell. I do not know if we will meet again. You and I have our own g-ds and if it is written by them that we are to meet again I will patiently and somewhat eagerly await that day and I hope you will take my words to heart.

However if we are to not meet. Well then.

These years as your guard and friend have been entertaining to say the least and I will look at them fondly.

I bid you goodbye my beloved empire. Ich liebe dich.



Rome laid the letter down gently. This small letter had shown him more of Germania’s heart than all his years of knowing her.

He slowly reread the letter. He would have never treated her like that. He regretted the way he had treated Gaul, Britannia, Greece, and Egypt. He regretted it all.

She was different. While it had been his body that had called to the others it had been his heart and soul to her.

‘Please I ask of you. Do not look for me.’

She didn’t want him to look for her. Neither would she look for him. She would walk her own path and hoped he would as well. And hope that with time those two paths would cross on their own instead of forcing them to do so.

Very well. If she didn’t want him to look for her he wouldn’t. He will let the path of fate guide him.

He carefully folded the paper and placed it on his table. Almost on impulse he took the paper again and laid his lips upon a spot where unknown to him Germania had laid her lips upon hours ago.
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